We want kids to love science as much as we do!

Our passion is to take their minds on an adventure into the crazy and interesting world of science. How do we do that? We introduce students to the wonders and challenges of higher-level science through personalized workshops.


We teach important fundamentals and prepare them for more rigorous study. In our society, many students have viewed science as just another assignment, forced lesson, or a general requirement. Instead, we give our students knowledge and a new set of tools that allow them to see the world in a new and interesting way. We teach our students to see the complex systems that make up our universe and understand how they interact. These workshops are made to help students understand all the essentials, bring excitement to science, and also prepare them for further study.


We offer workshops focused on helping students learn and love the sciences. Through our passions for teaching and science, we develop 60 to 90 minute sessions that are designed to support students in specific subjects.


The workshops are small, with only 12 students per session. This allows for students to enjoy the benefits of a low student-to-teacher ratio and gain in-depth understanding and comprehension of the important concepts. The workshops are designed for two age ranges, 6-10 and 11-17.


All of our workshops travel to the client, making them a convenient way to work within your schedule. We can also set up a workshop space near you. Just gather a group and we will jump right in! Workshops can be created all throughout the Inland Empire and as far as LA County.


The cost is $65 per student for each workshop, which includes all material and transportation costs.

Our Workshops

We offer science workshops in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Astronomy. Sign Up Today!
Newtons Law of Motion

Isaac Newton described 3 Laws of Motion, which govern the way things operate in our universe. In this workshop, students will learn these 3 laws and how to apply them. We will experiment with forces using scientific inquiry and lab equipment.

Speed & Acceleration

Students will have a blast as they get to experiment with rolling carts and balls. They will push things, pull things, and make calculations based on the movements they observe. At the end of this workshop they will have an understanding of the differences between speed and acceleration and how each can be affected and changed.

Simple Machines

All complex machines are combinations of simple machines. Machines make our lives easier, but how? We will explore the 6 simple machines and discover how they decrease our input force.


This workshop teaches students about the tiny atoms that make up everything in our universe. These tiny atoms are made of even tinier subatomic particles, which each have unique properties. These properties influenced the arrangement of atoms in our Periodic Table. In this workshop, we will learn atomic structure, structure of compounds, and patterns of the Periodic Table.


These are fun! Students will learn that elements interact through bonding. This bonding causes a change in energy, which then creates brand new substances. In this workshop, students will experiment by mixing common chemicals and seeing what will happen!


DNA is the genetic blueprint that lives in every cell of every living organism. Students will learn about the parts of the DNA molecule and how it is the code for making all the proteins of life. They will even construct their very own molecule!


How do living organisms pass on their genetic traits? In this workshop, students will learn about the experiments of a monk named Gregor Mendel, and how he began the study of genes, alleles, and probability of the traits we inherit.


Every organism is made of trillions of tiny building blocks called cells. All living things are! This workshop explains what cells do and how they work and interact with each other to build our world.


Our planet is surrounded by bright, glowing stars. These stars are huge, hot, far away, and fascinating! In this workshop, students will learn what a star is, what they do, how they are formed, and what happens when they burn out. This learning is our of this world!

Do you have a topic you’d like me to teach?

Does your student have a special interest that we can delve into? We can put together a workshop that addresses your specific questions and needs. Let us know how we can help you!

Who is McMillan Academy For?

McMillian Academy is for everyone! From homeschoolers to kids frustrated with science class to kids who love science – we are here to help everyone grow in their love of science.

Kids Frustrated with Science

Most students are natural scientists with inquisitive minds full of questions! Science class can be confusing and frustrating, especially if a student has more questions than answers. We help students answer their questions and give them the tools to answer more. Unlocking mysteries that have been mentioned in other science classes is part of the fun! Our workshops have no homework assignments or tests, which means that everyone can join in, have fun, and learn!


Homeschooling parents are responsible for knowing and teaching an astounding amount of material, and might be nervous about teaching the sciences. We love to work alongside parents to both support and add material to their courses. Our workshops expand on existing knowledge and establish a strong foundation for further study. We are always ready and willing to help with any family and any subject!

Kids who Love Science

Once students really delve into science, their minds start questioning and exploring. This is awesome to observe. They want to know more and that’s where we will go! Inquiry is the most fun way to learn and our courses give momentum to this curiosity and learning!

Who I Am

I am Pam Green, and I am PASSIONATE about science and teaching! Sharing my excitement about science is my calling and I joyfully embrace it. I have had the privilege of teaching and sharing the marvels of science for over 20 years.

I have always been fascinated with science. After obtaining my degree in Biology from UC Davis, I found that I wanted to share science with others and pursued a Master’s Degree in Teaching Science. I am credentialed in Teaching Secondary Science and I am also a certificated Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Instructor.Being a GATE instructor means that I am experienced in a number of unique approaches to teaching. GATE is designed to foster a student’s gifts while ensuring that the student receives an education that is equal to their abilities.




We would love to talk with you about your needs and how we can help your child grow in their understanding and love of science. Please fill out this simple form and we will contact you shorty.